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Re: RAD tool for debian?

On Fri, 06 Jul 2007 15:50:45 -0500, will trillich wrote:

> RAD/rapid-application-development tool sought... (web page forms
> interface to a database we define)

"RAD tool for debian"? 

I think the subject needs to be fixed, 'cause when talking about RAD tool,
you would definitely want that it is not limited within Debian. 

Nahh, just kidding...

> i've got a friend who's trying to get a license-free solution that'll
> provide an html/web front-end to a database... similar to ms access,
> but we're seeking 1) no licensing fees 2) an html interface, not a
> proprietary interface. we're NOT looking for a cms like joomla, but
> rather an engine for presenting forms to interact with a back-end
> database.

IMHO, for such requirement, no tools fit better than symfony. 


It is based on the following concepts:

    * compatible with as many environments as possible
    * easy to install and configure
    * simple to learn
    * enterprise ready
    * convention rather than configuration, supporting fallback calls
    * simple in most cases, but still flexible enough to adapt to complex cases
    * most common web features included
    * compliant with most of the web "best practices" and web "design patterns"
    * very readable code with easy maintenance
    * open source 

FYI, Symfony uses some code fragments of other open source projects:

    * Creole, for the database abstraction layer
    * Propel, for the object-relational mapping layer
    * Mojavi, for the Model-View-Controller model layer 

On seeing that, I told myself, "boy! That's it, That's what I want!"
And it turned out that I made the right choice -- all you need to do
is to describe your database schema in .xml file, or better a more
human-readable, more easy .yml format. That's it!

Put it this way, you only need to focus on the logical of your database
design, ie, the schema, and describe it in a format much obvious and more
human-readable than .xml, then Symfony takes care of the rest!!!

"for presenting forms to interact with a back-end database" I bet I could
finish all your preliminary requirements and give you such presenting
forms within a day or even half a day! 

And definitely, Symfony does not simply ends there. Need to build a blog?
Want AJAX support? How about drag and drop (shopping cart)? ... Your limit
is only your imagination. Check it out:


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