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etch setup and some questions

 I have recently converted my machines over to Debian and am very happy.
A few things I would like to know though

 #1 I currently have gnome installed can I install KDE and remove gnome
and if so how ?

 #2 I like gnome but am a little disappointed in the fact that debian is
only at version 2.14.3 is this how it will stay ? Or as time goes along
will this get updated as well. The same goes for gajim the current
version in stable is 0.10.1 but the newest version on the website is 
0.11.1. I have read that once a debian release goes into stable like
etch has you do not see very many updates or new apps just security and
bug fixes mostly.

 I know about enabling testing and such but I have done that once and it
broke my machine pretty bad, so I do not wish to go down that road

 Mostly I have been greatly impressed my laptop works flawlessly and so
does my desktop I couldn't be happier!! I am sure I have more questions
just can't remember them all, thanks ahead of time.


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