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Re: printing troubles

On Sat, Jul 21, 2007 at 05:36:44 +0000, Gary Parker wrote:
> From my gateway/firewall box I can print a CUPS test page to my networked HP
> printer (connected behind a wireless router) when shorewall isn't running, but
> nothing else. When shorewall is running I get the following message from CUPS:
> "Network host '' is busy; will retry in 5 seconds..."
> I appear to have two problems:
> 1.  I can only print a CUPS test page when shorewall isn't running, but nothing
> else.

How do you print the test page?

> 2.  I can't access the printer from the shorewall box when shorewall is running.

I will leave that part alone since I don't know shorewall. You are
probably blocking one or more ports that have to be open (e.g. 9100 or
> I use my shorewall box (Debian stable) to dial out. It is connected via ethernet
> cable to a wireless router. There is a HP PhotoSmart C6180 connected to the
> router via wireless. I have a laptop (Debian unstable) connected to the wireless
> router that can print using the Device URI: socket:// This is the
> same configuration I have for the printer on my shorewall box.

Is the hplip package installed on the shorewall box? If not, try to
install it and see if that helps.

Otherwise, try to use IPP (internet printing protocol) instead of


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