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[OT] Re: More fun (not!) with JRE

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andy wrote:
> Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

[snip lengthy discussion about university web pages that are
inaccessible to iceweasel]

My personal experience with sites like that (ie. those that don't work
with iceweasel) is that

1) their html-code contains errors
2) their java-code contains errors

I would politely point out to your professors or better to their web
staff, that their code contains errors (validate at [1]), and that this
causes problems for you taking part in that course.

Their reply will be, that they can't fix it now. However, at least they
should take this to the manufacturer of their (supposedly) proprietary
software for generating those 'beautiful' pages and try to improve it
for the future.

The internet will never be save and accessible to all, unless there are
enough people complaining about errors and trying to force the whole
line of web designers to adhere to the published standards.

Here in Germany there is already a law, that forces all publicly
sponsored sites (incl. universities) to adhere to valid html and to
abandon java wherever possible (or publish the content additionally in a
manner that is accessible with java turned off). It works better on
paper than in praxi, but it's the right step.


[1] http://validator.w3.org/
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