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Re: NTLM APS not working after upgrade of Testing

Masatran, R. Deepak wrote:
> * Kumar Appaiah <akumar@iitm.ac.in> 2007-07-17
>> On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 04:00:53PM +0100, David Watson wrote:
>>> Can you confirm that ntlmaps is running using the following command:
>>> ps aux | grep ntlmaps
>>> if it is not running try running this command it should let you know if
>>> there is an error starting ntlmaps:
>>> python /usr/share/ntlmaps/main.py -c /etc/ntlmaps/server.cfg
>> Also, do check whether the server.cfg has not been replaced. There's a
>> high chance that this has happened, and in that case, the port would
>> have gone to 5865 (and you have to re-enter the username and password
>> as well).
> Replacing server.cfg with a backup copy solved the problem.
> Mr. David Watson: Could you make the package ask the user before replacing
> the configuration file? Thanks!

If you still have the broken server.cfg could you check what was
different.  I'd like to find out if it was only one config value that
changed or if you were somehow given a default server.cfg.

The package install scripts for ntlmaps read your current configuration
and store values in debconf, so if there is a difference one of the
values may not be getting stored properly.

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