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Re: /dev/video0

On Monday 09 July 2007 01:59, Helen Easthope wrote:
> Debian Folk,
> I'm still trying to get a TV display from the
> ATI 3D Rage II under Etch.
> Xawtv complains about absence of /dev/video0.
> The ati and fglrx drivers are present, hald
> and udev are alive and I installed the unstable
> gatos 0.0.5-16.  So how should /dev/video* be
> created?
> Thanks,         ... Helen E.

Just a thought, but are you a member of the video group in /etc/group?

If not, just add your username to it. I don't think a logout/login is good 
enough to update /dev. You may have to reboot.


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