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Re: Problem with sendmail, error code 67.

On Tue, 3 Jul 2007, Shams Fantar wrote:

If there is truly nothing in /var/log/mail.log, it implies that sendmail
saw the mail recipient as being local, and as such, refused to accept
the mail for a non-existant local user.

Yes, you are right.

As if that was ever in question :)

But, what is the solution ? I have no idea...

Logs of errors : http://jumble.snurf.info/pb_sendmail

Your basic problem is the common case 'Broken DNS'

* Domain of sender address root@sethurf does not exist

  Is sethurf part of the linux62.org domain ?  If so, you are likely
  missing 'always add domain' and likely masquerade settings for
  sendmail, and also missing a DNS entry for sethurf.

* l63FQslM017895: to=sfantar@linux62.org, ... DSN: User unknown

  This implies that the current host thinks it is linux62.org, but
  does not have a user by the name of sfantar.

  However, I don't buy this message because it appears to be fallout
  from a mis-parse of the original rejection based on thesurf not being
  resolvable (they both use the same dsn code: dsn=5.1.8)

You appear to be new MTA setup/mgmt issues, and may best be served by
visiting the IRC channel #sendmail on freenode...  There are many
knowledgable people there, and I am usually there as one (or more of)
cowboy/outlaw/renegade - depending upon my location/mood.

Rick Nelson
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