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Re: restarting pump (DHCP) automatically when network unavailable at boot time

On 2007-07-01 15:57:23 -0400, Celejar wrote:
> I use dhclient (I know you said in a different message in this thread
> that you don't like it), which by default does a bunch of
> DHCPDISCOVERS, and if they all fail, it then goes to sleep (for 5
> minutes by default), and then begins the process again when it wakes
> up.  This behavior seems to be exactly what you need; unfortunately, I
> don't know anything about pump.

The problem with dhclient is that it disconfigures the loopback
interface under some conditions. A bug is still open after 7 years!


Users reported other problems, but perhaps they have been fixed now
(I switched from dhclient to pump 3 years ago).

Also I need to control whether a DHCP client is running or not,
because on another machine (a laptop) I use netenv and DHCP is not
used on some networks (BTW, I've already have a "killall pump" in
my netenv scripts on this laptop, and I could probably do the same
thing with dhclient).

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