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Re: Importing mencoder into a bash script

andy wrote:
> No - it is definitely installed - I've used it on the cli plenty of 
> times. I am interested in finding out how I am to call it from within a 
> bash script, because simply putting mencoder <options> <file> in the 
> bash script isn't working.

Hmm...  Okay.  Then let's debug why.  Try this scriptlet:

  ls -ld /usr/bin/mencoder
  type mencoder
  echo PATH=$PATH
  dpkg -l mencoder | grep mencoder
  dpkg -L mencoder | grep /bin/
  exit 0

What does it say?  On one of my Etch systems it says:

  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 4107292 2007-06-19 00:42 /usr/bin/mencoder
  mencoder is /usr/bin/mencoder
  ii  mencoder       1.0-pre7-0.0   MPlayer's Movie Encoder

My guess is that on your system it is installed someplace special and
so is in your PATH when called from your shell but not on PATH when
you are trying to run the script.


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