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Re: Media Wiki 1.7 - Set-up / Install Help

Nick Adie wrote:
> Hi
> I have installed MediaWiki 1.7 from the archive.
> The read me file is very confusing as it talks about a file that does not
> exist and a symbolic link that appears to have no relevence.
> Has anyone experience of the installation/set-up of MediaWiki, and if so
> could I have a few pointers please.
> Regards
> Nick

I would purge the package, download MediaWiki from its website and follow the
install instructions. Make sure that you have installed Apache and MySQL (make a
note of the MySQL root password when you set it up).


Here are some notes I made when installing an earlier version:

untar the file in subdirectory of your home with

$ tar -xvzf mediawiki-*.tar.gz

Upload the MediaWiki files to your server:

# cp -R /path/to/extracted/directory/ /var/www/

Change the name of the mediawiki directory to something simple eg "mediawiki".

# mv /var/www/name-of-copied-directory/ /var/www/mediawiki

Create a MySQL database
    * If you know the root password for your MySQL server, skip this step.

Change permissions on "config" folder

//cd into the directory where the mediawiki files are (/var/www/mediawiki). You
will find index.php and the config directory. You need to make the
// "config" directory writable by the web server.
//So you need to change the group of all files to www-data, and give group write
access to the config directory:
# cd /var/www/mediawiki
# chown -R root:www-data *
# chmod -R o-rwx *
# chmod -R g+rw config

//A simpler but very insecure approach is to run the command chmod o+w config.
This means you need to set the permissions of the
// "config" directory to "world writable". This is the same as "chmod 777".

Visit your site and run the Setup script


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