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Re: how to get a working .config kernel config file

On 2007-06-19, yong lee <ylee_95116@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to build a custom kernel with openMosix
> patches for my debian 4.0 system. I copied an existing
> config file from /boot/config-2.6.18-4-686 to my new
> kernel source tree folder and renamed it to be
> .config.  Then I ran 'make-kpkg kernel_image' to build
> the kernel. But when I reboot with the new kernel, I
> got a boot error.
> I also ran the make menuconfig, but I did not know
> what to choose because I do not know what type of
> hardware my machine has. Can anyone suggest me on how
> to get a working .config file ?  I just want a
> simple/plain working .config file? Any suggestion ?
> Any document or outline steps? Please help. 

If you borrowed a debian config, you'll need an:
make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image
rather than an:
make-kpkg kernel_image

Christopher Nelson -- chris@cavein.org
It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety.

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