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Re: OS File Permission issue (chown -R root.root ../)

Simon wrote:
OK.. So i was in my /root/ directory and put just one too many "."s in
the line... Now i have a lot of files that i own!!

I think the term is "DOH!".

Is there any way to fix these?

Ouch! Ah the power of root, always ready to screw you. If you don't have many custom configs, I'd recommend backing up and re-installing. It will be next to impossible to correct all ownership permissions, and you never know when that will come back and bite you in the ass.

I'd also recommend trying to fool proof your habits to prevent that nastiness in the future (no finger pointing, I do similar things all the time). Something like:

chown -R root:root `pwd`


chown -R root:root .


chown -R root:root /full/path/ (not quite as fun but infallible).

Good luck!

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