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Re: OS File Permission issue (chown -R root.root ../)

On Wed, Jun 20, 2007 at 09:24:06AM +1200, Simon wrote:
> OK.. So i was in my /root/ directory and put just one too many "."s in
> the line... Now i have a lot of files that i own!!
> I think the term is "DOH!".

heh heh. That's pretty good.

SO I don't think this all too much of a problem. Most things are
root:root anyway. 

On my machine everything is root:root except

/home == root:staff
/home/* where * !==lost&found == <user>:<user>
/usr/local & /var/local == root:staff
/var/mail == root:mail
/var/mail/<user> == <user>:mail
/tmp is no big deal as it should get wiped at reboot. If not, just
wipe it yourself.

I'm sure there are others, but they should become obvious as you go
along. Also, I would bet, that routine upgrading (assuming your not on
stable) will probably fix up the rest over time. 

have fun!


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