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Re: Revert to simple Window Manager

Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> Hello Telly.
> First, let me assure you that you do not have to reinstall, nor will
> this break your system.
> Second, my I suggest a planned approach to this.
> What will the end result look like?  Personally, I don't use any gdm or
> any other *dm, I just log into a normal terminal and run startx, which
> starts icewm (on my PII) and Xfce on my Athlon.  I went with Xfce over
> icewm simply because I can edit the tool bar and other stuff with a
> simple config applet instead of editing config files for icewm.
> However, my PII only has 64 MB ram whereas my Athlon has 1 GB.  Xfce
> tends to leak memory.
> My suggestion would be to first learn enough GUI stuff so that if for a
> short time you end up without X you won't be lost or panic.  That means
> that you are able to send and receive email with mutt (unless you use
> webmail), browse the web with lynx or links2, and manage packages with
> aptitude interactively.
> That last point is important, IMHO, but if you aren't using aptitude
> now, then this is another separate project.
> Once that is accomplished, you can browse your installed packages
> searching for gnome and mark them all for removal.  Ensure that you
> don't inadvertanly mark xorg for removal (or at least not the necessary
> dependencies of the xorg metapackage).
> Then ensure you install:
> 	some type of xterm.  Even on the PII, I like xfce-terminal.
> 	Your window manager of choice, with its docs if they are
> 	separate.
> Then tell aptitude to go ahead.
> Once its all done, I would suggest a reboot just to clear out any memory
> cruft.
> Then you should see a normal login prompt.  Log in, type startx, and see
> what you get.
> Doug.

    I appreciate the bit about links2; I was using lynx.

    Off-question: Is this also the kind of minimal set-up that one would
use to run an Apache server?  I imagine that you wouldn't want a
headless server, but, that a non-GUI set-up would be the next best
thing.  I'm not sure if this is the proper question for this mailing
list, but it spins off of earlier replies about Window Managers. ~Telly

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