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Re: problem displaying my keyboard layouts onscreen

On Monday 11 June 2007 18:33, Mumia W.. wrote:
> On 06/11/2007 11:15 AM, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > I have KDE setup to use, gb, us, ca, fr, and dvorak keyboard layouts. I
> > would like to display onscreen the keyboard layouts showing all levels,
> > particularly level 3 (alt gr) , and level 4 (alt gr) + (shift).
> >
> > Someone mentioned using xkbprint, but I'm darned if I can find out how to
> > use it, or even if it will work with the KDE defined layouts, as they
> > override the default layout, which is setup on install in the x config.
> >
> > The man page for xkbprint is vague to say the least, but that's the norm
> > for many man pages. Anyway it starts off by saying.
> > <quote>
> > "source" can be an X display specification or any compiled keymap (.xkm)
> > file that includes a geometry description.
> > <end quote>
> >
> > I can't make much sense out of that, and have looked for .xkm files
> > in /etc/X11/xkb, but zilch, and all that's in those files is like trying
> > to read egyptian hieroglyphs, at least to me.
> >
> > Any suggestions apart from taking a course in egyptology welcome.
> >
> > Nigel.
> Source can be a display like :0. Try this out if you have xpdf and
> ps2pdf installed:
> xkbprint :0 keyb.ps
> ps2pdf keyb.ps keyb.pdf
> xpdf keyb.pdf

That works ok on Lenny, where I have only the US keyboard layout that was 
originally setup when I installed Woody from the cdroms.

I cannot get it to display the different levels though. I tried with xkbprint 
-ll 3, and just a got a load of blank keys on the display. I also tried with 
xkbprint -lg 3, and just got the same output as xkbprint with no options.

Perhaps I should just open a text editor, then hold down alt gr, and press 
every key in turn, then likewise with alt gr + shift for level 4.

What I was really looking for was an onscreen display for a specific keyboard 
layout, that would display all 4 levels, so that you could see what was 
available on this keyboard layout.

Thanks for your reply Mumia, it's really appreciated. I posted the Q to the 
KDE list 2 or 3 weeks ago with no replies, and more recently (4days ago) to 
linuxquestions.org, and again with no replies. At least your reply has got me 
displaying the keyboard onscreen, admittadly without displaying levels 3, and 
4. Anyway thanks to your help the problem is partially resolved.


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