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Re: reorder files with a mouse in a file browser and rename them

On Sun, Jun 10, 2007 at 12:28:18AM -0400, H.S. wrote:
> Joe wrote:
> >
> >Both Nautilus and Konqueror do it exactly the same way as Windows
> >Explorer, click once in a heading to sort by that heading, click again
> >to reverse the sort. The heading will show a small arrow pointing up
> >or down according to the sort direction. You do need to use list view,
> >rather than the icon view.
> Perhaps you misunderstood. I do not want a global reordering, I just 
> want to place individual files at certain positions and then rename them 
> in that new order. For example, say I have:
> file1.jpg
> file2.jpg
> file3.jpg
> and I wish to have the following order
> file2.jpg
> file3.jpg
> file1.jpg
> I am looking for a method to drag and move file1.jpg to the bottom of 
> the list and then to rename them based on a file pattern to get
> 001_file2.jpg
> 002_file3.jpg
> 003_file1.jpg
> Only that I do not have only three files, a few hundred of them.
> ->HS
an idea:
ls *.jpg > filelist.txt
then edit filelist.txt and reorder the filenames until done
the run:
sh renamescript.sh filelist.txt
where renamescript.sh is:
cat $FILES|while read filename; do 
        N=$(echo $I|cut -c2-)
        echo mv "$filename" "$N""_""$filename"
        I=$(( $I + 1 ))
remove 'echo' for the real script.
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