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Re: sharing home directories for UML's

On Fri, Jun 08, 2007 at 03:30:47PM +0200, Benedict Verheyen wrote:
> Felipe Sateler schreef:
> >>I'm currenly looking at these options:
> >>* COW funtionality
> >
> >That wouldn't work either, since COW usually is done on mounted filesystems
> >too. 
> I could make a file and then mount that as extra partition and specify 
> in the fstab file that the /home dir corresponds to that ubd device.
> Should work.
> > Also, COW would not make the changes made in one UML instance
> > available to the others.
> Yup that would be a big problem.
> >
> >>* mount -t smbfs and thus having to run samba on the UML that has the
> >>home directories
> >
> >That is a possibility. NFS is another one.
> >
> >>* hostfs
> >
> >This seems like the Right Way (according to google). There is even a
> >tutorial on how to do this on UML's SourceForge page:
> >http://user-mode-linux.sourceforge.net/hostfs.html
> If i want to use hostfs, i need to leave the homedirectories on the 
> server. 

Also note that hostfs only works properly for the user root (i.e.  root 
*inside* the UML).  All file operations will be performed on the host 
machine under the user that runs the UML.

> But i can't use hostfs if i'm setting up the home directories inside 
> another UML.


> Then i'm stuck with either samba or nfs.

They should work. Or perhaps a clustered file system that allows the 
same disk to be mounted read-write simultaneously by multiple hosts.  

Such a disk could be located on the underlying host (=more ubd devices 
on the uml linux command line) or remotely using network block devices.

I *think* that the oracle clustered filesystem would do the trick, 
although it is more geared towards holding oracle databases.  One 
problem though: The kernel in the user-mode-linux package has not got 
ocfs2 enabled, so you'll need to recompile the package, but it *should* 

Hope this helps

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