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Re: how to force the NIC to 1000M full duplex

Hi Gilles

Thank you
I install ethtool but it still has problem to force the card.
How can I put it in the boot up? /etc/network/interface

Thank you

~# ethtool -s eth7 speed 1000 duplex full autoneg off
~# ethtool -a eth7
Pause parameters for eth7:
Autonegotiate:  on
RX:             on
TX:             on

Gilles Mocellin <gilles.mocellin@free.fr> wrote:
Le Thursday 07 June 2007 19:42:12 chloe K, vous avez écrit :
> Hi all
> How do I force the NIC to 1000M full duplex
> it seems that it can't do it in mii-tool?
> /etc/network# mii-tool -F 1000baseTx-FD eth7
> Invalid media specification '1000baseTx-FD'.

I think that gigabit cards are always full duplex.
But mii-tool has some problems with some drivers (tg3).

Use ethtool as suggested by Juergen Fiedler.

You can also look at the parameters you can give to your driver.
# modinfo yourmodule

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