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gnome-alsamixer configuration problem


after installing gnome-alsamixer, I get the following message when I try
to run it:

"An error occurred while loading or saving configuration information for
GNOME ALSA Mixer. Some of your configuration settings may not work

The details of the error are quit long, but all of them are of the same

Bad key or directory name:
"/apps/gnome-alsamixer/slider_display_names/SigmaTel_STAC9708,11-Master": `,' is an invalid character in key/directory names

As it can be seen, it has to do with an ',' in the name of the
directory. But it was written by the installation processes of
gnome-alsamixer... may be this is a bug?

1) I am looking for the /apps/gnome-alsamixer directory, but I can't
find it. I will be grateful if someone points me to the correct place in
the system. 

2) what is the correct character instead ','? I will try to fix it by
hand, if is it possible... there are many directories to fix...

Thanks in advance


Marcelo Chiapparini

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