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Re: advantages and disadvantages of local/lang en_CA.UTF-8?

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Kelly Clowers wrote:
> On 6/5/07, Douglas Allan Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:
>> I'm in Canada speaking and writing English with a off-the-shelf North
>> American computer with a standard US keyboard.
>> Up until etch, lang was C and nothing was UTF.  What are the advantages
>> to me of etch setting a default language en_CA.UTF-8 and other locale
>> settings?  What are the disadvantages?
> The advantages are that UTF-8 can handle all characters in Unicode,
> not just ASCII. That might not be to big a deal for your situation, but
> it can still be somewhat useful. For example, you might happen to
> download a file with characters from outside the ASCII range.
> The other advantage is that everything that isn't UTF-8 already is moving
> towards it. Sooner or later you'll probably have very little choice about
> using it.
> I don't know of any major disadvantages, and I know of only a few minor
> disadvantages such as the issue you mention below.

Things could be easy for English speaking people, since UTF-8 is fully
compatible with ASCII. However, for people that do not speak English,
for example CJK people, using UTF-8 may mean not compatible with others
that use legacy character encodings.

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Wei Chen
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