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Re: ntp and evolution - configuration problems?

Thanks for the reply Nyizsa.  Sorry if this is not in the thread, but I cannot reply to the list directly....

On Tue, 5 Jun 2007 09:52:34 -0400
"Brent Bailey" < bailey.brent.a@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have some problems with processes not being able to connect to the
> internet. I have a ntp daemon running, but when I try to syncronize
> with an internet clock I get the following error message:
> NTP support is not installed.
> Please install and activate NTP support in the system to enable
> synchronization of your local time server with Internet time servers.

Check if the ntpd daemon is running!

ps -e |grep ntpd

If it isn't (I bet it isn't), you can start it simply by ntpd as root.

ntpd is running, and /etc/services has:

ntp        123/tcp
ntp        123/udp                # Network Time Protocol

> Also, I cannot send and recieve from evolution for my gmail account.
> I have the POP and SMTP options the same in my notebook which is
> running Ubuntu, and it works fine.

And what error messages do you get?

No error message, but cannot select the send/recieve button

Also ssmtp and pop are in /etc/services

> Am I missing some configuration option here? Something to do with
> security? Should I be putting anything in hosts.allow? Any help
> would be appreciated.
> I am running testing.
> Thanks,
> Brent


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