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Re: Printers won't run

 The first printer is a windows printer, HP Deskjet 6540, IP
 connected, and all of my windows computers can send to it just fine.
 Just not my Debian Etch.

I have never done such a thing before. Assuming that you are using
CUPS go to localhost:631/help/ get yourself a cup of coffee and start
reading - the guys of cups did quite a nice job in documentation.

 The second printer has the same problem. It is a local USB connected
 Epson Stylus CX7800. It worked on this computer in it's previous
 incarnation as a Win 2k machine.

As long as it is listed on linuxprinting.org it should work smoothly.
Have you got all the foomatic packeges?

foomatic-db: linuxprinting.org printer support - database
foomatic-db-engine: linuxprinting.org printer support - programs
foomatic-filters: linuxprinting.org printer support - filters



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