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Re: Good video card?

On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 12:12:47AM -0500, Jacob S wrote:
> I'm looking to purchase a new video card to replace a dying Radeon
> 9200. The 9200 was relatively easy to install - load the kernel module
> and set the correct driver in the xorg.conf file and it was good to go
> - - no compiling drivers or kernels. However, this is the second 9200 to
> die on me, so I'm looking for something different this time - but still
> easy to setup.

I went with an Asus EN7300GT Silent.  It uses the nVidia GeForce7300GT,
has 256 MB ram, no fan (huge heatsink), and does most things in hardware
if you use the nVidia driver.  I've had it for about 6 months so I don't
know about longevity.  Setup is simple: get xorg working with the nv
driver, save the xorg.conf, install the nvidia kernel metapackage so
that it will always match the installed kernel, and run the setup

The nVidia driver gives a clearer picture for me in the following
	watching a DVD that is normally 1024x768 but instead at full
	screen 1600x1200, deinterlace blend, using the vlc viewer.
The nVidia driver handles the jpeg conversion in hardware allowing the
main CPU to just idle.


For longevity, I'd have to look to my older computers: my PII uses
Trident VideoExcell AGP.  Never tried to watch a movie with it and I've
never tried googleearth (whatever that is).

My other old computer (486) still uses its builtin S3 that isn't
supported by Xorg.  But it still works as well as it ever did.

Whatever modern card you use, watch the temperature of it.  If it is
fanless, ensure that you have adequate case fans.


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