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Setting up to multiple files to be shared using bittorrent

I currently publish some files on my web site, but it would be better if 
I could offer an alternative of using bittorrent to access them so as 
to preserve some of my bandwidth.

As far as I have been able to work out, I need to do the following

1) Set up /etc/default/bittorrent to allow the bittracker to start and 
set ALLOWED_DIR to the point in my filesystem (visible to the web 
server) where .torrent files will sit

2) FOR EVERY FILE I WISH TO SHARE - I need to create a separate .torrent 
file, which is then stored were my web server can get at it.

(currently the files I wish to share are also made available directly to 
the web server space - I presume it would be better to move (some of) 
them outside of the web server domain so that they can only be accessed 
via bittorrent.

3) Start btlaunchmany for the directory holding .torrent files.  This 
will spawn a download process for FOR EACH FILE I WISH TO SHARE.

4) Provide some urls to access the .torrent files.

The problem I have with this is if I want to share out a lot of files (I 
currently have about 30) there is a separate port and thread used for 
each file.  Is there anyway round this.

Have I understood correctly?
Alan Chandler

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