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Re: xen-tools freezes (debootstrap)

Steve Kemp wrote:
>   So you're saying that using debootstrap manually, without xen-tools
>  causes a freeze?
Yes, that is right.

>   I'd suggest it might be network/disc related.  Since the kernel
>  is old in real terms there are sometimes issues.  Until I upgraded
>  my Sid system to the 2.6.20x kernel I found Xen would randomly
>  crash on heavy I/O, or network traffic.
>  I think a xen-specific issue, since it is hard to see how debootstrap
>  could crash your system.
I ran "stress" when running the 2.6.18-4-xen kernel and it crashed
randomly. So I upgraded to Sid and the 2.6.20-1-xen-686 kernel, but
unfortunately it follows the same pattern. Actually now the computer
crashed as soon as i start to create DomU. But when i ran stress it
could run 5min/100% load without crashing, but as soon it comes to
creating a DomU it wouldn't last 30sec.

>   That sounds like a bug.  Report it to the BTS or I'll probably
>  forget to take a look properly.  Still if you're running Etch you'll
>  not see the fix unless you use the etch backported package available
>  from my site / the homepage.

Sorry, but i forgot to create a prober bug report before i upgraded
to Sid. But if you still want it, I'll give as many information i
can via mail to the BTS.


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