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Re: [semi-OT] Data archiving (was Re: Query on adding a USB hdd)

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On 05/24/07 16:18, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 12:03:15PM -0500, Ron Johnson wrote:
>  > 
>>> Never heard of ODF, or is it specific to *Office programmes?
>>> Personally, I save my latex as latex.  The origional contents are
>>> plainly visible.
>> Never heard of ODF????  It's the OpenOffice.org 2.0 document format,
>> aka OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications, ISO/IEC
>> 26300:2006.
> I've never used open office, or any other office-type product.  The last
> "word processor" I used was WordPerfect 5.0 for OS/2.  Transitioned from
> that to Lout when I went to Linux.

Well, at least it's text...

>>>> Yes.  If by computer you also mean "the whole schmeer, including
>>>> many tape drives" since it's common on Big Systems to backup a
>>>> single database in parallel to multiple tape drive.
>>> Computers keep getting smaller.  Computer could mean a little brick that
>>> has an interface for the archive drive, the archive drive unit, and some
>>> kind of user interface.  RS-232C has been around for ever; will it be
>>> around for evermore?  If the backup medium was hard disks, then an
>>> interface for the hard drive plus an enclosure for the drives if the
>>> brick didn't have the pysical space.
>> If you did that in 1990, you'd have put in an ISA controller.  Five
>> years ago, it would have been a PATA drive.
> I guess that's my point.  Once you choose a data medium, you would need
> to store at least one drive and a computer to access it.
> If your backup media was 3.5" IDE drives, then that means storing a
> computer that has at least IDE port.  Best to fill it up with memory
> SIMMS and other spare parts so that in when the time-capsule is opened,
> hopefully the machine still boots.  Also hopefully you can still connect
> the computer itself to whatever computers in the future look like to get
> the data off.  Will anyone know what UTP is by then?  
> There is something to be said for casting something in plain text in
> bronze and gold plating it.

Buffered lignin-free paper.


> Somewhere between the two is a Jolly Psysic, or at least a Happy Medium
> :)

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