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Re: modem and default gw

On Thu, May 24, 2007 at 12:42:10PM -0700, remigio wrote:
> on my pc I have installed a network pci card and an internal
> softmodem. Both them work fine but I have a problem with the default
> gateway.
> In /etc/network/interfaces is defined a gateway that is used by the
> nic, and the command ip route shows this defgw.
> When I use Kppp and the modem to connect to the Internet, I note that
> the defgw remain the same (the one defined for the nic) although in
> kppp I set the option "Assign the Default route  to this gateway", and
> I can't go on the Internet.
> Once Kppp has connected successufully to the provider, ip addr shows
> that ppp0 has reseived the inet and the ptp address from the remote
> server but the defgw is not the ptp addr! It still remain the same!
> How can kppp assign the defgw route  after connected?

Are you saying that when not using your modem, you have a route to the
internet via the NIC?  Why use the modem then.  

If not, why set a default gateway on the NIC in the first place?

Perhaps you need to show us using ascii art your network layout and the
routes you want with and without the modem connected.


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