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Re: modem and default gw

remigio (<realelino@tiscali.it>) wrote:

> on my pc I have installed a network pci card and an internal
> softmodem. Both them work fine but I have a problem with the default
> gateway.
> In /etc/network/interfaces is defined a gateway that is used by the
> nic, and the command ip route shows this defgw.
> When I use Kppp and the modem to connect to the Internet, I note that
> the defgw remain the same (the one defined for the nic) although in
> kppp I set the option "Assign the Default route  to this gateway", and
> I can't go on the Internet.

For security reasons, pppd does not change the default gateway if you
already have a default gateway (at least if you use the noauth option,
as far as I know). You need to explicitely allow this using the


option in /etc/ppp/peers/kppp or /etc/ppp/options.

        Andreas Janssen

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