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Bluetooth mouse scroll wheel on Etch: mh2 and lvm crypt


I just switched to Debian (Etch) with the 2.6.20 binary kernel from sid
and root lvm encryption via the installer. Now, I have the problem that
the scroll wheel of my bluetooth mouse does not work (/dev/input/mice
does not produce any output on a wheel move, everything else works
fine). I found the mh2 kernel patch that should address the problem and
downloaded the sid 2.6.20 kernel sources, patched them and compiled the

Now I am stuck. The compiled kernel does not find the mh2 module in the
old initrd file and I could not find the proper way to generate a new
and working initrd file. (I hesitate installing the libc sid packages
that the respective kernel header packages seemingly depend on.)

What is the best way to get a kernel with the patch booting from the
encrypted root (and maintain the patch on kernel updates)? Is there a
step-by-step wiki around that I missed?

Should I use something like an overlay for kernel patches / sid packages
and how does this work in debian?

Thanks in advance


(BTW. is there any reason, why the mh2 patch is not part of the debian
unstable kernel?)

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