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Re: The previous nonsense

> The computer, a Toshiba Satellite A30 with 1.2 gig ram and a 40
> gig hard
> > drive was originally dual boot MS-Debian 3.1.  Windows
> quit.  Who knows
> > why.
> > Printer: HP officejet 4110 all-in-one  -  cupsys
> installed and set up
> > according to the information I found but still non-
> functional.  However, it
> > will copy and send faxes.
> It will copy and send faxes from Debian, or from the all-in-
> one's control
> interface on the unit itself? (Printing is still way too hard,
> in Linux,
> Windows, and Mac OS/X.)

Hmmm...  CUPS (cupsys) is installed, but are the drivers?  You could try installing them if they're not already (as root):

apt-get install foomatic-filters foomatic-filters-ppds hpijs linuxprinting.org-ppds

>> Speaker is dead.  It does work using the live Kubuntu disc
> As someone mentioned, what's the output of "lsmod" and of "groups"?

Try something like:

lsmod | grep "snd_"

> , but before I screw with the hard disk there are some pictures
> of my wife,
> > who recently died,

I'm very sorry to hear that.  I'm curious, do you have a USB thumbdrive or some other media you could back thing up on?  USB support in Debian is pretty good these days, and if you run into problems, I'm sure we could help you out.

Sorry if this message is formatted or or wrapped funny.  The client I'm using right now does not handle replies very well.

    - Dave

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