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Package Conflicts With Neither Package Installed

I am having a problem with two packages, nvidia-glx-legacy and nvidia-glx-new (and it's on an upgrade to Ubuntu Feisty -- I tried a new driver).  I tried to remove both of them so I could reinstall them.  Supposedly neither one is installed and I've tried using dpkg with remove and purge to get rid of them.  Supposedly they are not installed.  When I try to install the nvidia-glx-legacy package, I get a message that it can't install it be installed because the diversion for one library conflicts with the diversion specified in the nvidia-glx-new package.  I can't give the full text since it's a long message and on a computer I can't access from here.

I'd like to completely get rid of both packages and any trace of them, including where the diversions they need is listed.  As I said, dpkg with remove and purge won't do it.  I want to be able to test the packages one by one, without them messing with each other, to see what works best with my card.  It seems, for now, that the biggest problem is the diversions.  How can I remove all the info left in the system about the diversions or force one of the packages to be installed in spite of what the other one requires?

And please don't respond to me.  This is my "spam" account I use for things likely to create spam, since I can't get to my email program.


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