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Re: xterm fonts

cga2000 <cga2000@optonline.net>:
>  On Tue, May 15, 2007 at 05:38:57PM EDT, Deboo ^ wrote:
> > I installed a minimal X sysetm with fluxbox and xterm and two
> > other terminal emulators: eterm and mrxvt.  But all three of them
> > give very small fonts. WIth xterm, I was able to get a reasonable
> > font with the HUGE option in the right-click menu but I need
> > bigger fonts. How do you exactly specify bigger fonts with xterm?
>  I believe that the proper way to do this with xterm is adding stuff like
>  this to your ~/.Xdefaults file:

BTW, on many systems these days, .Xdefaults is deprecated and
.Xresources is used instead.  ymmv.

>  I don't remember if there's a user-friendly way to add your own aliases
>  but you can probably just edit the file and add whatever suits you.

In my ~/.alias file which (on my system) is sourced by login shells, I
have things like:

alias news='rxvt +sb -fn "$RXVTNEWSFONT" -geometry 136x56+37+21 -e /usr/bin/slrn -h news.spots.ab.ca &'

[Sorry for the long lines.]

So at a command line, "news" fires up rxvt with slrn running in it
displayed using RXVTNEWSFONT.

> > And how do you incorporate the custom xterm options in the default
> > fluxbox menu? Is there something to edit the menu commands?
>  I wish I knew .. :-)

Smiple.  :-)  Take control!  Copy the system fluxbox configs into your
own HOME and tell fluxbox to use your configs instead of the system
configs.  I use blackbox, which is related to fluxbox.  My copies are
in ~/.config/blackbox, and ~/.blackboxrc is a symbolic link that
points to ~/.config/blackbox/blackboxrc.  Inside that,
session.styleFile == /home/keeling/.config/blackbox/styles/TDF, and
session.menuFile == /home/keeling/.config/blackbox/menu.  Edit to your
heart's content.

You may need to stumble about a bit to find the system's versions of
these files, but they're all flat text files and pretty easy to work
with.  TDF is in /usr/share/blackbox/styles/TDF.  The others are
in /etc/X11 somewhere I believe.  "locate fluxbox | less" is helpful
if updatedb is working (see /etc/cron.{daily|weekly|monthly}/find).

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