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Re: Best Debian packages

On 2007-05-13, Deboo ^ <knowledgeful@gmail.com> wrote:
> I like aptitude and have it installed too but it doesn't show packages
> which apt-cache search readily does and shows longer lists than
> aptitude at times.

That's surprising, since I thought aptitude was built around the apt
stuff. Which packages can you see with apt-cache that you can't see
with aptitude?

> Another problem is, due to my using apt. ( I like aptitude's search
> feature's telling if the package is already installed or not with the
> "i"). If I run aptitude to install something, it is ready to remove
> packages that I use daily, like mutt and slrn. So I do not use it. I
> was told not to use both, even years ago.

Again, I thought aptitude and apt-get were pretty much
interchangeable. I do occassionally use apt-get for quick additions
that I don't need to search for, and I haven't had any trouble going
back to aptitude. Maybe I've just been lucky, but I thought that was
how it was supposed to work.


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