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Re: fluxbox slit

On May 11, 11:30 am, Douglas Allan Tutty <dtu...@porchlight.ca> wrote:

> I'm trying out different window managers and I'm now on fluxbox.
> The documentation seems sparce.  What is the slit and what is it for?  I
> only see the bar at the bottom center.

This is also a good resource:


The easiest way to explain the slit is to run an app in it. Install
then from the commandline run: gkrellm -w &

If no app is running you can't see the slit, that's why people have
trouble understanding what it is. It's a place for running applets.
monitors, music players etc.

Fluxbox is great if you like working all day and never touching the
mouse. You can use the KEYS file and enter just about any command you

See the wiki for instructions and HOWTOS on particular topics.


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