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Re: XFCE, and Gnome

On Friday 11 May 2007, Joe Hart wrote:
> Brendan wrote:
> > On Friday 11 May 2007, Joe Hart wrote:
> >> Masatran, R. Deepak wrote:
> >>> XFCE advertises itself as a fast window manager. But since both are
> >>> based on GTK, won't Gnome be equally fast? What is it that makes XFCE
> >>> faster than Gnome?
> >>
> >> Good question.
> >>
> >> It used to be faster.  Today, I don't think it really is.  IceWM and
> >> Fluxbox are both better alternatives, IMO.
> >
> > "Used to be faster" seems to mean that you have then and now comparisons.
> > Where do these comparisons live so I can take a peek?
> No, I do not have comparisons because I only used it very briefly.  I
> should be a bit more careful in my statements.  I will rephrase.
> The older versions were much lighter than the current version in their
> resource usage.  However, the new version has many feature additions to
> make it more functional, and therefore need the additional resources.
> With modern computers the difference is negligible, but for a older
> computer that has limited memory, there are better alternatives.

Again, I say, show me the mem usage comparisons.
The core of XFCE doesn't seem to have gotten any slower for me. Same hardware, 
newer versions...

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