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Re: fluxbox slit

On 5/11/07, Douglas Allan Tutty <dtutty@porchlight.ca> wrote:
I'm trying out different window managers and I'm now on fluxbox.

The documentation seems sparce.  What is the slit and what is it for?  I
only see the bar at the bottom center.




And from the slit section already pointed out:

Chapter 7. The Slit
One of the most frequently asked questions is "What is the slit?" In
fact, when this document was written, I also copied it to the top of
the FAQ to point to this section in order to stop it from being asked
in #fluxbox ten times a day, and to end the myth that the Slit is
another name for the Toolbar.

The slit is one of the many parts of Fluxbox that has been inherited
from Blackbox. It is designed to hold WindowMaker Dockapps, (and
anything that runs in that mode which is called 'withdrawn' or (less
often) 'swallowed'). Such applications often have a -w option, but
some are automatically in withdrawn mode.
Other than that, You can run any 'dockable' application. (This is also
known as running in 'withdrawn' mode). As an example, xmms ships with
the wmxmms application. Simply run wmxmms &, and it will appear in the
slit. As mentioned above, some applications (for example gkrellm) need
the -w command line switch to appear in the Slit.


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