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Re: Re: xhosts problem

> On Wed, 09 May 2007 15:19:13 +0530
> Vidyadhar Gadgil <vgadgil@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Logged in as one user, I often need to check mail of other users (I
> > use Evolution). In Fedora Core 5, which I used earlier, I would just
> > log in through a terminal and open Evolution for that user in that
> > same terminal without any problems. Could not do this in debian etch
> > 4.0 (to which I recently switched), some research led me to type
> > 'xhost +' in the terminal before doing this to disable access
> > control. But while programmes like iceweasel open fine for other
> > users, evolution opens and then freezes up.
> > 
> > The alternative in debian seems to be to use the user switch tool
> > through the fast user switch applet. This works okay, and enables me
> > to log in as another user, while staying logged in as the original
> > user. But if many processes are running for the original user, the
> > system sometimes hangs and I have to reboot rough and dirty.
> > 
> > Isn't there any way to give fedora-like ability to open
> > xwindows-dependent programmes as the original user. Some /etc/Xhost*
> > file or something (I could not find any such in my fc5 install)? Or to
> > avoid these hanging problems when switching users with many processes
> > running? 
> Have you tried the 'sux' package? That should solve the problem you
> describe.

Installed sux and tried it out. No luck when I tried 'sux user' --
evolution froze up again. But 'sux - user' worked perfectly. Why is

Anyway, thanks a ton, you have solved the problem. Would be curious to
know, though, whether the hanging I sometimes experience when using the
fast-user-switch-applet is a bug? Of course, sux is a much better option
for my needs, but I'm curious anyway.

Question everything -- Karl Marx

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