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Re: swap

On Tue, May 08, 2007 at 09:42:43PM -0400, Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 01:46:35AM +0100, andy wrote:
>  >>>
> > >>>Clicked on "our team", and the RAM got hammered again. Big freezeup of 
> > >>>gkrellm, then the page was loaded, and free RAM levelled out at 84MB. 
> > >>>That means that 110MB of RAM is being used to view the site. There has 
> > >>>to something wrong with it, surely.
> > >>>
> > >>>      
> > >
> > >    I was curious so I clicked the link, nothing unusual no ram-sucking
> > >on my machine. I am running Sid.
> > >  
> > FWIW, I can concur with Frank here. I checked with both Konqueror and 
> > IceWeasel and there was nothing unusual. I agree there was a quick tug 
> > on CPU resources, but that passed rapidly. Otherwise, no anomalies.
> It does seem like the problem, whatever it is, is solved in Sid.  So
> I'll wait for a while.
> I tried setting ulimit -v to 98304 and it did keep Xorg from thrashing
> the system, it would just kill off the remote Konq and the terminal
> window running top.  However, I've go a new problem:  My panel in Xfce
> doesn't show up.  I tried moving my configs out of the way and I've
> tried purging and reinstalling xfce-panel with no luck.  All that
> thrashing and hard reboots may have damaged something.  I don't have
> samhain to tell me if anything has changed or gone missing.  If I can't
> solve it, I'll keep my eye on the rest of the system and if other things
> go haywire I'll consider just reinstalling.

you have to (not at my machine!) go into the xfce settings manager and
"allow xfce to manage the desktop" or some such. I think its under
"Desktop" or "Window Manager"

and then make sure you're set to save the session, though I think that
particular setting operates outside the "saved session" system.


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