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Re: [OT] Good, evil and religion [WAS] Re: A way to compile 3rd party modules into deb system?

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On 05/08/07 19:55, SB wrote:
> Celejar wrote:
>> I don't ignore it; I agree that religion has made ordinary people do
>> extraordinarily cruel things; my point was that this isn't a problem
>> exclusive to religion, but to compelling and convincing axiologies in
>> general, and I reiterate, would we really be better off without them? I
>> think it is unjust to imply that I'm 'reflexively' dismissing 'every'
>> critique of religion as shallow and ignorant; I dismissed *one* as
>> such, and for reasons I maintain are logical.
>> And one more thing; while religion can "make ordinary people do
>> extraordinarily cruel things", it can (and often does) also make
>> ordinary people do extraordinarily lovely things.
> It's the claim of an exclusive franchise on truth by some (mainly Judaism,
> Christianity and Islam) closely related religions that has compelled them
> to justify all manner of cruelty, in the name of "god". It's this claim that
> has caused and is causing all sorts of problems for the rest of us
> Heathens/Kaffirs.

Or the fundamentalist Hindus who occasionally go on rampages,
killing Muslims or burning people in effigy.

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