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Re: tv-out, nvidia, nvtv etc

Andrei Popescu on 01/05/07 19:42, wrote:
On Thu, Apr 26, 2007 at 03:17:20PM +0100, Adam Hardy wrote:

So far I've got a black-and-white picture, no colour, and the picture's too big for the screen, so I lose the top and bottom edges.

I suspect the no-colour problem may be due to the cabling - I'm using an SVIDEO to scart cable, and I've seen two messages on the web (albeit from the USA) saying it's a cable issue. Could it be something else? I've already been to the store twice for these cables!

Are you sure you can feed S-Video to that input? On my TV there are two
SCARTs in the back but only one of them works with S-Video and I also
have to switch with the remote to SVHS2 and not AV2 (which only gives
BW). Read your TV's manual carefully. BTW, mine is a Daewoo.

Fantastic! You were totally right. It was the second SCART that worked with S-Video, and on my TV there's an AV2/S channel which displays it in colour. This is a Panasonic. Reading the manual carefully did reveal one line mentioning S-Video and the second SCART socket, so I should have picked it up earlier but I get impatient when wading through pages of seemingly unhelpful documentation. They had sneaked it in on the page describing a 'normal' set-up with a DVD player and a satellite receiver, and made no mention of it on the pages describing other AV inputs.

Thanks for the help.


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