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Re: private LAN ldap (was Re: Bookmarks across browsers)

On Sat, May 05, 2007 at 12:44:27AM +0100, David Claughton wrote:
> Jan Sneep wrote:
> >Click on "new" ... I'm using Outlook ... type in
> >debian-user@lists.debian.org in the "To:" field ... type in a subject in 
> >the
> >"Subject:" field ... compose the body of my question / plea for assistance
> >.... and then click on the "Send" button.
> >
> >Pretty basic "stuff", but if I do it that way the list doesn't EVER seem to
> >get my postings ... :O(
> >
> Sounds like a similar problem to when I've tried in the past to post to 
> some lists from my work email.  The problem for me is to do with an 
> automatic footer added to every outgoing mail by the company's virus 
> scanner (i.e. one of those useless "this email is virus free" messages).
> Try posting from another email account via webmail.  Alternatively you 
> can post from gmane's web interface or via nabble.com (a list <=> forum 
> gateway)

just FTR, Jan and I exchanged some mail off-list and determined that
his outlook is indeed sending a multi-part mime message with the
second part being an html duplicate of the plaintext first part. I
guess that is what's booting him off the list. 


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