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Re: private LAN ldap (was Re: Bookmarks across browsers)

Jan Sneep wrote:
Click on "new" ... I'm using Outlook ... type in
debian-user@lists.debian.org in the "To:" field ... type in a subject in the
"Subject:" field ... compose the body of my question / plea for assistance
.... and then click on the "Send" button.

Pretty basic "stuff", but if I do it that way the list doesn't EVER seem to
get my postings ... :O(

Sounds like a similar problem to when I've tried in the past to post to some lists from my work email. The problem for me is to do with an automatic footer added to every outgoing mail by the company's virus scanner (i.e. one of those useless "this email is virus free" messages).

Try posting from another email account via webmail. Alternatively you can post from gmane's web interface or via nabble.com (a list <=> forum gateway)


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