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Re: kernel 2.6.20 generates kernel panic at boot

Stephen Cormier wrote:
> I do not get a .config in a freshly unpacked 2.6.20 from the kernel.org.

in the debian linux source package you actually get a .config

>> grep -i sata linux-source-2.6.20/.config
>> # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE_SATA is not set
>> where have all the other options gone?
> Have you done a make menuconfig to get the .config or was it in the debian 
> package? If so then you should check in the SATA section to enable the driver 
> you need from the looks of it the sata_intel one as that is the only one set 
> in your 2.6.18 config. One other thing I am thinking of is the option to use 
> experimental/incomplete drivers I believe it is called if it is not set then 
> you never get to see certain module selections you might have to set this to 
> see the sata drivers.

I actually enabled the Serial ATA section "Serial ATA (prod) and
Parallel ATA (experimental) drivers" and then I found all the other
options (in particular my PXII driver).  I'm sorry but I was confused
about that "experimental" which surely refers to Parallel ATA and not
Serial ATA, and so I hadn't tried that part...

moreover, I was pretty sure that in a .config file, even if an option is
not enabled, it is still present commented, while this is not true :-)

now it seems I have a working kernel! :-D

I used the make oldconfig first and then make menuconfig

thanks for your help!


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