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Re: problums gtng speeling chucker to wrok wit AbiWord

Greg Folkert wrote:
On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 13:35 +0800, Bob wrote:
8< snip run sid dude, you know you want it.

Yeah, not man enough for Sid as my DTE, hell, I'm not even man enough for Lenny yet, I'll give it a month or two.

Bawk, bawk. I've been running SID for years. I just don't have problems.
It is always like that for me, computers are scared of me. They just act
proper for me. (except when they don't, which is rare)

Usually I have a similar effect, particularly on other peoples computers, [0] but when things do play up, it's always at the least convenient time and I can rarely fix them there and then because usually I'm having "one of those days," I find the best thing is to turn it of before you brake anything else, go play with the dog, come back tomorrow. Honestly if I could recognise those days from a distance I'd stay in bed.

And another bump in version of libenchant to -3

[0] I can't tell you how many times I've been at a someones house and the conversation comes round to computers and they say something like "Oh yes, maybe you're the man to ask, every time I try to open an attachment to an email my system crashes and microwaves the cat" so I go and have a look and it all just behaves, makes you feel like a mechanic "Oh it was making this wheezing noise a minute ago"

Garrr, do your bit for global warming, become a pirate, you can "borrow" my copy of Windows 95 if you want.

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