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Re: How to boot in to Etch if grub fails to load and deletes NTLDR?

On Fri, 2007-05-04 at 09:39 +0530, Deboo ^ wrote:
> On 5/4/07, Greg Folkert <greg@gregfolkert.net> wrote:
> > Questions for you:
> >
> >      1. Please describe you model and make of Motherboard, hard
> drive
> >         controllers, video cards and if you are using 1 or more hard
> >         drives.
> >      2. One the off chance, did you let the installer install grub
> on
> >         the Master Boot Record or MBR? Or did you install it to the
> >         "root" partition of the Debian Install?
> >      3. Are you using the released Debian "Etch" v4.0 stable (April
> 8th,
> >         2007 release)? Or are you using older Debian Etch v4.0
> testing?
> >         Or are you using the newer Debian v4.x Lenny "testing"
> >         installer?
> >
> > And the netinstall requires you to grab the "rest of the packages"
> from
> > one of the Internet repositories. It will give you a basic
> "bootable"
> > system for you to finish the install from.
> >
> > One last thing: Remember that Any version of Windows assumes it is
> the
> > ONLY Operating System on the machine. It will break upon anything of
> the
> > fantasy not being true... if it sees it.
> Hi Greg,
> Thanks for a quick response. Here's the info you asked for:
> Motherboard: Intel D102 GGC2
> Processor: Intel P-IV 3.2,
> 256 MB DDR2 RAM
> VGA: Onboard ATI-Radeon
> Hard Disk: Samsung 80GB IDE (only one).
> Yep, the installed installed it to the MBR and not the root partition.
> I'm using Debian "Etch" v4.0 stable (April 8th, 2007 release)
> I'm aware of the netinstall needing to fetch more packages off the
> net. In fact  was about to shoot another mail about the "how to
> configure pppoe with the netinstall" but searched and got a thread
> about it and got the answer.
> Again, I am now more interested to know if there's a way to boot in to
> the normal system without using a boot floppy of the begone days.
>  Is there an option I can make a "boot CD" like the boot floppy option
> present in RedHat/Fedora systems towards the end of installation?

Well, installing grub to the "root" partition allows the NTLDR to boot
the "other active partition".

First hit off this google search does the boot.ini thing for you:


The first hit (if it something goes awry) is:


Basically you have to make a "boot record" for /dev/hda2 and then have
ntldr boot it.

That howto goes into good detail for it.

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