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Re: Dangers of "stable" in sources.list

On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 21:44 -0400, Max Hyre wrote:
> Gentlefolk:
>    The discussion of `stable' vs. `etch' vs. `lenny'
> vs. ... got me to thinking.  Is there any reason to offer
> `stable' as an entry in sources.list?  Its drawback seems to
> be:
>     o Every so often `stable' whacks you with about
>       seventeen million updates, with the chance that you'll
>       be left dead in the water.
> Using the name (`sarge', e.g.) has the drawback that:
>     o Eventually a named distro will drop off the end of the
>       world, and get no more security updates.
> OTOH, `unstable' is a necessary warning sign:  Here be
> dragons.  Someone starting with Debian needs to know that
> unstable has more surprises.  (Though, in my experience,
> they're mostly like the ones you find in a box of Cracker
> Jacks.)
>    So, my modest suggestion is that `stable' as a name
> should be eradicated.  Roughly no downside, only closer
> adherence to the principle of least astonishment.

Okay, so let me get this straight.

You propose to eliminate "stable" as a release. To keep people from
hurting themselves. Especially unwitting "auto-updating" ID10Ts. Ok, let
me get this straight... How is this a good thing?

Anyone that is an Admin worth the salt they have in their body, will not
have ANYTHING auto-updating, but "auto-staging".

My definition of "Auto-Staging" means:

     1. Check for "updates"
     2. Update for "updates"
     3. Download all of those updated packages
     4. Checksum verify those packages, just downloaded re-get the ones
        not verified properly
     5. Send off an e-mail to me every hour or two telling me I need to
        pay some attention to it.
     6. goto #5 every one or two hours
     7. goto #1 every six or twelve hours

I then login to said machine and "do the right thing"

I've done this for years with HP-UX, AIX, OSF/Tru64/WTFitis when each
company finally put patches and stuff in a internet reachable
repository. I really haven't done Solaris, so I dunno about it, but I
suspect it could be done similarly.

Now as far as Windows... blahahaha. Yeah whatever.

greg, greg@gregfolkert.net

The technology that is
Stronger, better, faster:  Linux

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