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Re: Lost Internet Access

Please don't top-post - it makes it really difficult to follow a
conversation (I know. outlook encourages people to do this, but mailing
list etiquette is different. And pre-dates outlook...)

On Tue, May 01, 2007 at 04:19:04PM -0400, Jan Sneep wrote:
> To transfer files I save the file to \home\jan and then go to my Win Xp
> machine and under the work group folder I can see the contents of the
> \home\jan folder on the Debian machine. I can read the files there no
> problem. As these are new files just created, the network has to working (at
> least partially).

OK - via samba running on the debian box.

> I can ping internal addresses like, but could not ping the
> external address you suggested, neither by IP or Name.

Then you *do* have a network connectivity problem...

Things to look at:

routing: the box should have a default route pointing towards your
(adsl?) router. Running any of:
    # netstat -rn
    # route -n
(-n to force numeric output rather than trying to resolve things to
hostnames) should reveal the routes. The default route is the one with
a destination of "". 

Firewall: if the firewall is blocking traffic similar symptoms would
    # iptables-save 
If this gives any output, then some firewall rules are active. This
*could* cause problems ...

Router: Has it got any configuration to allow/deny access to the outside
world, e.g. by IP or MAC address? Worth a quick check...

> Now interestingly enough I used to be able to (using Gname desktop) click on
> Computer -> Network -> Windows Network -> at which point I see an icon for
> my LAN's workgroup and clicking on it used to show me the computers on the
> network, but now nothing.

( I presume you mean "Gnome", rather than "Gname" ? :-)

Interesting. This points towards something changing on the box. I know
you mentioned earlier that nothing was changed. But what if it only took
effect upon reboot?  ... What changed *before* the reboot?  (packages
installed/removed etc)

> Looking in the Syslog I found the following;
> May  1 15:48:58 debian avahi-daemon[2661]: Registering new address record
> for on eth0.

I doubt whether you *need* avahi in your setup. But it shouldn't get in
the way either though...

> May  1 15:48:58 debian dhclient: bound to -- renewal in 80771
> seconds.


> May  1 15:48:58 debian rpc.statd[2899]: Version 1.0.10 Starting
> May  1 15:48:59 debian NetworkManager: <information>  Clearing nscd hosts cache.
> May  1 15:48:59 debian NetworkManager: <WARNING>   nm_spawn_process (): nm_spawn_process('/usr/sbin/nscd -i hosts'): could not spawn process.
> (Failed to execute child process "/usr/sbin/nscd" (No such file or directory))
> May  1 15:48:59 debian NetworkManager: <information>  Activation (eth0) successful, device activated.
> May  1 15:48:59 debian NetworkManager: <information>  Activation (eth0) Finish handler scheduled.
> May  1 15:48:59 debian NetworkManager: <information>  Activation (eth0) Stage 5 of 5 (IP Configure Commit) complete.

Interesting. nscd is a name service caching daemon:    

Was nscd removed recently? It appears that your problem is IP
connectivity, and not name resolution, so nscd shouldn't matter (yet).

> What is nm_spawn_process?

probably the name of a function inside NetworkManager...

> As to the advertising ... I use AVG Free anti-virus on all my Windows
> machines ... the email scanner throws that in on pretty much every message
> ... :O(

Well, I'm sure they appreciate the free advertising you give them.
Falling on deaf ears here though...

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