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Re: General questions...

Hi folks,

Thanx for your answers... heres some clarifications...

a) I meant to say Debian XFCE! not Ubuntu XFCE (sorry :D)

b) I have already replaced mousepad for MadEdit (v.nice editor in my opinion)

c) I know loads of text editors can do multi-file find/replace - but I want to do this on a massive scale, it would mean opening up every text file on the file system! - i.e. I want to -on mass- rename something unique in all configuration files mentioning it

d) GDebi was the answer to the dpkg thingy - and I prefer it to CLI as it will nicely and easily show whats inside it and give an option if you want to install or not and see what dependencies are needed etc...

e) I was after some kind of tray icon auto-updater thingy for the XFCE Debian to tell me of new updates to Debian 4.0, this is a server however (I like GUI's don't sue me) so it would be nice if it just updated itself without asking

f) on a bizarre connected note, I know that Debian is *rock solid* stable - but when doing an 'apt-get upgrade' I haven't noticed a since new thing! is this normal? has theres really been nothing new since the release! - my sources.list is fine btw

I like answers :D keep them coming!
Oh by the way, my previous post a while back about web panels - I chose SysCP in the end - veeeery nice :D


Steven Maddox

Function Office

Steven Maddox (Architect) wrote:

I've a few burning needs, so if anyone knows the answers - let me know! :D

1) I need a graphical way of searching text files for a string - and getting it to replace it (makes for easy re-configuring of files after a path change) 2) Ubuntu had a little graphical app that loaded upon double clicking DEB files, it let you install them - what is this app? :D 3) I am using the XFCE ubuntu install - does this come with an auto-updater, or do I have to install something to get it to do that?


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