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Re: Lost Internet Access

On Wed, May 02, 2007 at 08:32:13AM -0400, Jan Sneep wrote:
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> > From: kushal.kumaran@gmail.com [mailto:kushal.kumaran@gmail.com]On
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> > You can configure AVG to scan your mail but not put these in.  You
> > should do that. http://www.hackfix.org/software/configure/avg.html
> I'll have to check that out as well ... interestingly I have heard from more
> than one of my friends, who I help with various computer related problems,
> that after a recent AVG update they "lost" this visual confirmation that AVG
> was working properly.   Some don't trust email messages UNLESS they see some
> sort of confirmation at the bottom of messages they receive.  I point out
> that those sorts of things are so easy to spoof, easier than setting up a
> phishing website and yet with all the hype and panic about the devastating
> effect of viruses these small things provide a sense of false comfort. Which
> is of course why the  anti-virus software producers do it.

if one assumes that the "Checked by" message is not forged, then the
only thing it confirms is that at the time the message was queued up
to hit smtp, it was virus free. It says nothing about the remainder of
its trip. That assumption is, of course not a valid one as you have

If your friends are worried about whether a message is virus free,
then they should be checking for viruses on *their* machines and
ignoring all these "checked by" messages. 



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