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Re: Etch back to Sarge

bigoperm wrote:

> I need to downgrade from Etch back to Sarge. The only resource I have is
> the original Sarge install CD. How can I use this CD to reinstall Sarge
> (over Etch) without using any data?
> My intuition tells me all I need to do is skip the partition phase of the
> install, and things should be okay; however to do so requires that a root
> filesystem must be mounted. Is there a boot option I can pass to the
> installer to tell it to mount my already existing system? Thanks in
> advance.

My advice would be to backup data.  And backup to whole of /etc

Then run the sarge install.

Choose to reformat all partitions apart from the /home partition if that is
where your data is.

(If you're running DB's or some email servers there may be data in /var).

Then carefully re-adding your users accounts -(using the uid switch to match
the /home directory if needed) should get you back to a sarge system.


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